Festive Saving Ideas

  • Secret Santa is the perfect way to keep the gift giving fun of Christmas but at a far more affordable cost.  The ever growing number of friends both past and present (thanks to Facebook people find themselves re-friending old school buddies and therefore adding to their Christmas list year on year), new family members (baby cousins, nieces and nephews, sons and daughters) and work colleagues, mean that you need to spend an absolute fortune if you are to gift everyone who you expect to receive from.  Within each of your groups, suggest Secret Santa’s.  Although the children in the family may not appreciate the idea – so perhaps keep it to adult only!
Secret Santa
  • Amazon are a great place to stock up for cheap, but quality presents at between 70% and 80% off, from jewellery, beauty, fashion and toys – there is something affordable for everyone if you know where to look.  Follow the links above for amazing savings.

  • Head to twitter, search ‘hashtag’ followed by Comp, Competition, Comper or Comping and enter everything your search throws up.  It is the simplest way to enter competitions as they generally just involved you pressing ‘Retweet’.  If you systematically enter as many as you can each day then you could easily find yourself winning everything from toy and clothes, to tickets to the theatre and homeware.  It is worth the time and effort – plus it is free so it is a great way to potentially save some money on gifts in the run up to Christmas. 

  • When you are looking to stock up the shelves in time for the big day make sure you use MySupermarket.co.uk to ensure you are getting the best deal on your food.  We all want the best at Christmas, but if that means you have no money come January, then you’ll be thankful you took the time to save every penny and pound possible during December.

  • A lot of retailers, especially fragrances, sell unboxed products due to the item being imported or an unused tester.  It can make a massive difference in price, and if you simply add a bow no one will notice it isn’t in a box. Go to Fragrancex.com  Fragrancedirect.co.uk for some of these great deals.

  • When you see a quality gift at a great, pre-christmas sale price then pounce on it, wrap it up and get it stored away in time for the label writing.  But do make sure you aren’t just buying for the sake of it – a grass strimmer is not going to be right for 80 year old aunty mabel no matter how cheap it is!
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