Hot Deals Are Hard To Find

Looking for deals, bargains and freebies is a real effort when working alone.  When you check on discount or voucher code sites, more often than not there tend to be ancient codes which are no longer valid, or deals for the same old restaurants.  Sometimes you can come across an incredible deal completely by chance and whilst that is great news for you, wouldn’t it be great to share it with others? That way, when others find their bargains, you could take advantage of them too!


Online communities exactly like this are springing up everywhere, but by far the biggest and best is Hot UK Deals who have dedicated searchers uploading everything from a free e-book to huge pricing glitches on £500 televisions!  The people uploading their finds are regular people who happen to either love bargain hunting, or who are lucky enough to spot a freebie or deal and want to share their spoils.  Why not take advantage? 


Categories include Deals, Vouchers, Freebies, Competitions and For Sale/Trade (for example, people looking for an item to buy or trade with).  There is currently a mint condition iPhone 4 for sale at a great discount on there at the moment!


The reason that this website tops the others is that it is regularly updated by real people.  Deals which you would never otherwise find can be discovered here.  There is a real sense of community on there too with different deal hunters chatting, commenting or congratulating a great bargain find. 


You can search for deals in your own area too.  For example, someone has added a deal from a college which is offering free A Level courses in Ealing whereas in Bolton, Argos are doing a local deal for £10 vouchers on a £50 shop, or £20 vouchers on a £100 shop. 


Bargain finds are uploaded constantly.  When you visit the site you will notice that some may have only been uploaded that minute, so you know that the deal has not gone ‘cold’ as the pro’s say on these types of sites.  In other words the deal is very much on and ready for you to take full advantage of!


Everyone loves a freebie, and with everything from personalised children’s stories from Early Learning Centre, to free entry to the Manchester City V Middlesborough  U21’s game on Friday, there is something for everyone. 

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