Local Amenities, Local Prices

If you are looking for a fun night out or something a little different to your normal weekend activities, but you can’t necessarily afford to pay the price of tickets for the theatre or a big comedy night, top nightclub entry prices or the cost of London drinks, then make sure you take a look at your local amenities before forking out!
Art Centres, Community Centres, local theatres and hotels, even schools, can offer a way to spend a pleasant and entertaining evening for a fraction of the cost of a big city or town venue.  
Theatre groups tend to be in most towns and villages, and their performances may not be west end quality, but the atmosphere is just as fun, the interval drinks are cheaper and you aren’t paying the cost of a transport to the venue if it is only down the road from you.  
Local theatres can also be a gem for a night of fun as very often London bound plays, musicals and comedies do warm up runs around the regional towns before the big run in a city.  This means you can pay half the price you would if you were going to the bigger venue and since it is more likely to be smaller you can get a better view for a less money!
Community Centres are great for comedy nights, because as with plays, comedians tend to do their warm ups at the smaller local places to work on their material and see what does and doesn’t work on a live audience.  They are also good for music nights as local DJ’s like to get involved with such places for easy gigs or to practise their skills.  
You will be surprised by what you discover by keeping it local, and at only a fraction of the cost of a big night out in town.
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