Santa Freebies

Get a free letter from Santa for your little one by sending their messages to him by 14th December. The days of sending your letter up the chimney and never hearing back are a thing of the past thanks to the Royal Mail’s free service which ensures your children’s biggest wish comes true – a personalised letter from Santa. 

If they are too young to write it themselves then do it for them, and they should receive their reply by Christmas Eve.  Include anything your kids want to tell Santa (make sure you keep an eye on what they are requesting if you need to keep within a budget), as well as their gender (“I’ve been a good girl/boy….”) and a reply address. 

Pop it in the post with a 1st or 2nd class stamp, sit back and wait:
Santa/Father Christmas, 
Santa’s Grotto, 

Alternatively, email santa at [email protected] by Monday 17 December 2012 and get a reply 

Free videos are also a great way to thrill both kids and adults with a cheeky message from Santa via the Portable North Pole. 
Father Xmas
1) Go to the Portable North Pole website and answer the questions, including the recipient’s age, whether they’ve been good or bad (the latter option’s only available to adults and teens), their name, gender, where they live.
2) Add a JPEG, GIF or PNG file photograph – although this is not necessary but it helps to personalise the video.  All photos uploaded will be deleted from the site’s database before the launch of the 2013.
3) Enter your name, email address and that of the recipient, double check the details and your little one/friend/family will receive their message from Santa Claus.
Absolutely free. 

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