Toiletries and makeup don’t need to cost the earth!

For years the word “fashion” has been synonymous with “expense”. From clothing to deodrant, we have seen price tags skyrocket over the last 20 years and quite frankly, we’ve seen enough. We’ve searched high and low for the very best offers in the run up to Christmas and come up with a set of crackers! As always, some savings might be bigger than others but they will all provide great value. Looking and smelling great shouldn’t cost the earth and if you stock up now, it won’t need to throughout 2013.

5. Oil of Olay Treatment Cream & Face Wash. £12.99 @ Groupon.

It’s unusual for us to feature a groupon promotion as generally they’re tied up in terms and conditions, very limited in their offering and may not always offer the value that is advertised. This one checks all those boxes though, so we figured it was worth a mention at #5. You will receive a 50ml tube of Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream and a 150ml tube of daily face wash. This package has retailed at more than £50 quite regularly, with Groupon advertising it as 69% off. It’s by no means the cheapest around but for those of us that like a little quality without the absurd price tag, it’s worth a look.Perfume

4. Mens Shock Waves Hair Products. Half Price @ Tesco.

Another unusual one for us as we tend to focus on specific products but a worthy mention for the chaps. Shockwaves hair wax, gel, paste and gun are all currently half price instore at Tesco. This includes all sizes and lines, so whatever you use there is a good chance that you can pick up a high quality alternative to what you normally use at the price of most own brand lines.

3. Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream 75ml. 99p @ 99p Stores.

Ok, so the name of their company might not be that creative but they most certainly get an “A” for this little offer! 99p Stores currently have the large tubes of Nivea Soft Moisturising cream in store at, you guessed it, 99p. This stuff usually retails at anything up to £4.95, especially if you’re looking towards the more ‘upmarket’ chains.

2. Dolce & Gabbana “The One Gentlemen” 30ml. £17.90 at Perfume Click.

D&G are without question one of the biggest brands around right now in terms of perfumes and aftershave so their prices tend to reflect that. This particular fragrance seems to be coming to the end of it’s production life though, so the price has been substantially dropped to sell through those last remaining units. As such, I would advise you to get in early to save yourself some disappointment. If you’re a member it is also worth mentioning that Quidco have a 6% cashback offer on this product.

1. Boots No7 Ultimate. £30 @ Boots (online).

You didn’t seriously think we would get through an entire health and beauty post without mentioning Boots, did you? They currently have their No7 Ultimate collection at just £30. The complete package will usually set you back £65, which even at that price represents decent value. At more than 50% off this is an absolute steal and you would be bonkers not to take advantage. As an extra little bonus, enter the promotional code “FRAG40” at the checkout and you’ll receive an extra £5 off! It gets no better than this, folks.

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