Top 5 Deals of the Week: 26th November – 3rd December.

It’s that time of the week again, folks! We’ve been hard at work, scouring the web for some of the best offers around this week and we have come up with five beauties! Some may be on the pricey side for you, other may not be but they’re all great value. While we have tried to avoid the Christmas present-ish type theme we have had of late, it’s not that easy. A lot of promotions that are currently running are focused on getting Christmas shoppers into their stores or onto their sites, with many of the retail outlets even going as far as using “loss leaders”. Nonetheless, if there is money to be saved then they belong here.


5. 6 Pack of Coca-Cola Zero. £1 at Poundland.

Personally, I love this stuff and I quite happily let my kids have a can here and there. Everyone loves Coke and with the added bonus of no added sugars, this one is safe as houses. You will notice almost straight away that it doesn’t actually taste like Coca-Cola but it’s sort of like a Diet Coke taste. Either way, at this price, now is the perfect time to try it!


4. Team GB Mug w/Cadbury’s Heroes. 20p at Tesco.

Yet more Olympic merchandise being cleared out at Tesco. This offer is nationwide but bare in mind that any stores that sold out during the Olympics will obviously not have any. Still worth keeping an eye out for. The mug itself is a standard size, filled with the delicious little chocolates. There’s not tonnes in there but at 20p, you really can’t complain.


Haribo Starmix

3. Haribo Starmix 450g. £1 at Poundland.

While you’re there, picking up your Coca-Cola Zero, you may as well grab yourself some Haribo Starmix. These are the big bags that you usually see in corner shops selling for anything up to £2 a pop, so decent value here for those that have a sweet tooth. Well, you’ve got to balance out the lack of sugar in the Coke somehow, right?


2. XBOX 360 250GB. £149 at Amazon.

The XBOX 360 is probably the better of the current generation consoles due to exclusive titles and their online offering/services. That being said it really comes down to personal preference. Both however are exceptional entertainment devices. You won’t struggle to find a few dozen games that you’ll enjoy on either console, with most major releases being available on both consoles. At £149, with enough space to store hundreds of movies and such, this is an absolute bargain.


1. PS3 12GB Slim. £125 at Tesco.

#1 and #2 were really hard to split here, so bare in mind that they are ordered this way based purely on the price, not on the which is better value. Personally, I prefer the XBOX as it has the better online gaming services. That’s not to say that the PS3 isn’t a good system. It really is. Both will provide thousands of hours of entertainment if you’re into gaming and the PS3 has a lot more available on it’s network for free than Microsoft’s offering. The console is available in all stores and online, with £3 delivery for the latter.

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