Top 5 Deals of the Week: 4th – 11th Decemeber

Realistically, this week will be the last that you can order something online and fully expect it to reach you before Christmas. If you still haven’t started your Christmas shopping (stop procrastinating!) then you’re gonna have to get a move on! As per usual, we have rounded up the best deals of the week from all over the web and the high street, saving you a tonne of time and money! There is no real theme to these products, just how much value they represent. There’s still time to grab those last few gifts but time is short, so let’s begin shall we?


5. Kindle. £59 at Tesco Direct.

The Kindle has become one of the most popular ways to read over the last few years, with Amazon pushing the device and ebooks to the point that digital versions of content now routinely outsell their physical counterparts! The Kindle is currently available at Tesco Direct for £69 but you can get a further £10 off by using the promo code TDX-KJPW!


4. Dell Professional P2312H LED Monitor (23″).

£137.88 at Dell. Dell are one of those names that you can just trust. Dell MonitorThey have been one of the leading computer hardware companies for as long as I can remember and continue to pump out products that outperform that large majority of things on the market. Usually this comes with a rather hefty price tag but currently they have a small sales on, which has dropped the price of this exceptional monitor to £137.88. This particular model usually retails for ~£200, while the “next one up” seems to be going for closer to £500! It’s a lot to fork out for a monitor but if you’re looking for quality at a good price then look no further.


3. Nestle Quality Streets (700g). £3 at Sainsbury’s.

There are two things that are certain with bargain hunting just prior to Christmas; Electronics and chocolate prices will tumble, while cheap novelty type gifts become a little more expensive. Sainsbury’s are in a prime position to demonstrate this with their huge network of supermarkets and have done so with their current promotion on the 700g (large) tubs of Quality Streets. At £3 a pop they’re perfect for giving to those not-so-close friends, teachers and so forth in the run up to Christmas.


2. Kindle Fire. £99 at Argos. Kindle Fire

It’s the second appearance in this list for Kindles this week, this time round though it’s the Kindle Fire! The Kindle fire is essentially a 7″ tablet/ereader with 1gb of Ram, colour screen, 8GB of space and a 1.2ghz processor. That’s on par with some low end laptops from a few years ago, so you know they’ll be lightning fast! Argos currently have them at £99 and while Carephone Warehouse will beat that by £1 (ask for a price match and they’ll grant it), you can ask for £1 to be added to your bill as a donation to the British Heart Foundation and they’ll give you a £10 voucher for use in store. For that reason, we feel this is better value — plus it’s always cool to give something to charity, regardless of your motives!


1. Nexus 4. £279 at Google.

The Nexus 4 is the brand new mobile phone from Google and it looks like it’s going to be a world beater! The phone itself will not be delivered until the new year as this is only a pre-order, however trying to get one on launch day without pre-ordering will be near impossible. With that in mind, it could be worth ordering it now and then listing it on eBay the day it arrives if you want to net yourself a quick profit. If not, it’s a solid phone that will serve you well for a good couple of years if previous Google products are anything to go by!

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