Who said mobiles had to cost hundreds?!

There are hundreds of top lists for mobile phones scattered across the web but they’re always the same phones and you won’t be to surprised to see that they are usually all way over the £200 mark. As you may expect, I am not in the market for handsets that cost hundreds of pounds — it’s just not in my nature. Add the fact that those lists become outdated at a ridiculous rate and you’ll realise that there really isn’t that much value in them. Now, we can’t promise you that this list will be upto date in 6 months time, we can’t even promise you that these are the best phones on the market. What we can promise you is value. Lots of it.


1. Nokia 100 on o2 PAYG — £9.99 with £5.05 cashback!

Nokia 100

I know what you’re thinking; What the hell is a Nokia 100?! It’s the perfect phone, that’s what! Remember the old Nokias? You know, the ones that could withstand a nuclear explosion and potentially even severe exposure to Celion Dion’s voice? This is of the same mould, just newer. The Nokia 100 was created for those that don’t need gigabytes of doo-hickies and access to tweetbook. Phone calls, text messaging, an alarm, an address book and great battery life. It does also have FM Radio and a flashlight but in reality they’ll never really be used. Nonetheless, it’s great value at less than a fiver delivered!


2. Sony Experia Tip on Tesco Mobile — £65 after discounts.

If you do need your tweetbook then here’s a little bargain for you! The Sony Experia Tipo is a brilliant little budget smartphone which is currently selling in tesco for £85 but if you spend £10 on a top up they’ll give you the phone for £65, taking the total cost to £75. If you’re new to Tesco Mobile then you can use the promo code TDX-KJPW and you’ll get a further £10, leaving you with a solid smartphone, with £10 of credit, for just £65.


3. Nokia Lumia 710 on any network with £10 credit — £84.90Nokia Lumia 710

This is a funky little smartphone. The second Nokia to make our list is a touch screen mobile running the windows 7.5 operating system for mobiles. This will soon be upgraded to windows 7.8, which will introduce a host of new features that you wouldn’t expect to have on such a cheap phone. If you have recently upgraded to Windows 8 then you’ll feel right at home as it has the same “tiled” interface, giving you a series of squares that you can fill with whatever you please! The phone has 8GB of memory, which is enough to hold around five blu-ray movies or thousands of songs and pictures — whatever you prefer! The 1.4GHz processor is also a plucky little organ grinder that could quite easily power some of the best netbooks on the market right now! All in all, this is an absolute bargain and at £84.90 from e2save.com you’ll be hard pressed to find a better offering if you’re looking for a smartphone.

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